What Happens After The Universe Says Hello?

November 8, 2015 Spirituality

Sri and Kira on Boat in Dwarka


So you have had a life changing spiritual experience…or several…now what? Often these experiences can leave us with more questions than answers and support is sometimes challenging to call forward. Sri & Kira FOR THE FIRST TIME will share what happened in the 2870 yr old temple at Bet Dwarka, India and their own day to day challenges with integration of this experience and their life afterward. Learn how to integrate your profound experiences with grace, ease and love! All questions and personal sharing of your experiences are welcome.



Here are some notes from this episode:

Often times we’re having experiences that some folks may say are psychic instability or we don’t know how to integrate. And so along the way, as we open, sometimes we are uncertain. How do we integrate? What do we do? It felt so good yet now I’m not so sure.

How many times have people had peaked spiritual experiences and then afterwards have a lot of chaos in their lives or start having a challenge in moving forward or integrating?

When one reaches a certain level of attainment, indeed, everything is a spiritual experience. Tweet this.

So often when we’re seeking and looking and reading and wanting to have more inspiration, more certainty, more divine connection, we stumble along with certain false prophets. We may have inspirations that feel really good or right for a while and then something happens and we would just move away. This is part of the meandering that builds our discernment.

Whenever a peak spiritual experience happens, it in no way negates our everyday spiritual experience. Tweet this.

Every moment is rich with an opportunity to be, to see the eyes of the divine in every being, or in every action, or in every moment.

Ordinary Consciousness – all of the cultural norms are part of that consciousness.

When there is a baseline, density consciousness, as we begin to lift into ascension awareness, we begin to lift in an awakened state, there are periodic milestones. And those things that happen can sometimes feel miraculous because they’re a break from the ordinary. Other times they just feel sublime.

The more that we keep our eyes in the divine at all times, the greater we go into the depth, the awakening of our lives. So as we awaken, as we move forward, what happens is that we are sending a clear signal to the universe that says, yes I am ready. Yes I am open. Yes, please hare more. And the more that we remain dedicated to the journey, the more that we remain open to the experience. The more we keep the eyes on the divine, there’s an ever refining spiral of richer experiences.

Even as one lifts, there is still ordinary consciousness. This is the quality of your personality, the part of you that’s adapted to your culture, to your upbringing, your language, everything. There is nothing positive or negative about this but it is just the way things are. As we evolve, that consciousness, that lens through which we interact with everything also evolves, it softens, it expands, it recontextualizes.

When we have spiritually experiences (profound spiritual experiences), those are moments that have a couple of qualities. One quality is the ego, has relaxed and stepped aside. The other quality is, we are awake to a oneness, to a communion. You can have the ego step aside but not the awake to a oneness. You can be awake to a oneness and the ego can jump in and make up all kinds of stories about it.

Peaked spiritual experiences are often those that happen when we are in such extraordinary communion with the soul energy that there is no “me”. There’s no physical presence left and the soul is guiding us into the realms of divine experience that the mind could never comprehend because the mind is of this world.

When we have an intimate relationship, it calls forth for us all kinds of things. Tweet this.

When you have peaked spiritual experience, what’s important is to honor and respect yourself to trust the experience and to pay attention to your body, your mind, and your spirit.

Integrate your experiences so that you can continue broadening them and healing the world. Tweet this.