Welcome to the New Politics!

September 5, 2007

Ready for real change? Then tune in as Sri and Kira welcome Da Vid,MD, active speaker on wholistic health, alternative energy, eco-nomics, regeneration of Earth’s eco-system, and President of the Light Party. Based in San Francisco, they are rooted in a powerful spiritual awareness that as we the people become more conscious, our values, priorities and choices transform naturally. This is an organic, decentralized, progressive process which is leading us toward greater Health, Peace and Freedom for All. We will be discussing their 7 point platform, and aggressive plans to transform Alcatraz! Learn more at www.lightparty.com, and CALL IN to ask questions, say hello or receive a soul reading! “Now is the time to Lighten Up, Enjoy the Music, Simplify Our Lives, Accentuate the Positive and Choose!” Da Vid, The Light Party