Unification in Action! The 3 Essential Secrets for Lasting Partnership

July 11, 2011

The re-awakening of the Unification Molecule is beginning to challenge ALL aspects
of our lives as the energy of these times builds toward 2012 and beyond. Has quantum
science now entered ALL aspects of our lives? What is the difference between Relationship
and Partnership and why does it matter? Are there really secrets that can harness
the New Earth energy and sky rocket our ability to manifest meaningful and lasting
partnership? The answer is YES! Join Sri and Kira as they reveal the ESSENTIAL
3 SECRETS that will forever shift your life! Make sure you have a pen handy and
get ready to discover that deep within your own unfolding Unification Molecule
are the deeper truths that are seeking to be revealed as the gateway to experiencing
your life filled with complete happiness! Regardless of whether you are in the
“perfect” partnership now or still seeking to bring this energy into
your life, this is the show that teaches us how ALL relationships are the gift
that leads us to Partnership and fulfillment!