True Thanksgiving . . . Nourish Your Soul ! With Guest Jenna Davilla!

November 20, 2016 Healing Self Ascension Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

Are you ready to offer to yourself the ultimate gift of pure soul nourishment in your life?
Have you been confused by all the information “out there” that has caused you concern?
Do the foods we eat SUPPORT our lift or DEFLATE us?

Join us for this FUN-Filled hour and CELEBRATE as we break through the myths and offer an
illuminating perspective that will shower you with ways to fill your body, mind and spirit!
Your body is the temple of your soul! Learn how to Restore and Rejuvenate your energy
with the power of conscious food choices that will nourish and sustain you for the journey
ahead! What you eat matters!

We are delighted to welcome Jenna Davilla to our show from LivePureJenna!

Her passion for cooking with fresh organic produce and raw plant-based eating will inspire
and delight your palate with delicious and nutritious meals that will heal your body and lift
your spirits!

To read Jenna’s NEW article – The Shifts of Plant Based Living – please click here
We invite you to check out some of Jenna’s favorite Soul Nourishment recipes by clicking here

Come dine with us for an enlightening show filled with Passionate Action to fuel your soul!
Call-in and share your comments, questions or ask for the gift of a Mini-Soul Reading.