True Service: It may not be what you think!

December 19, 2007

You are completing 2007, the Year of Clarity. Your heart is already anticipating 2008, the Year of Action! What’s next? How you can fully bring your presence into the world through true service and love! While Sri & Kira are in Guatemala, (and will fill us in with all the mystical details upon their return), TOSA Master Teachers & CSAC’s Deatramus and Akinah will guide you through a show of love, laugher and wisdom. Pictured here at their wedding at TOSA ranch, they will share the magic of true service and the Phone lines are open! Call and share your experiences, or ask a question! Take notes, and enjoy these very special guest hosts! “Go into the truth of your heart chakra and ask, Where am I served, where am I of service, and trust the answer you receive!” Archangel Zadkiel, pg 227, 2012: You Have a Choice