The Unification Molecule: Collective Awakening

May 30, 2011

Buried within the codes of the Mayan Calendar, The Egyptian and Tibetan Books
of the Dead, and beyond Einstein’s sting theory is the Unification Molecule.
This little known “clue to humanity’s future” is an embedded
secret that has been misunderstood by many and harnessed by a few trusted elders
in all traditions. The Unification Molecule is awakening in all of humanity and
propelling us toward what some call the Zero Point. Yet, where is that taking
us? Movies such as the Transcendent Man featuring Ray Kurzweil suggest that in
order for us to survive we must let go of our humanity and literally blend with
technology. Is humanity being pulled to a new way of living that will challenge
everything we have ever known? And more importantly, will we survive the transition?
Are people like Kurzweil right and is there another, perhaps even more profound
outcome before us?