The Truth About Medical Marijuana (Featuring an In-Depth Interview with a Grower)

May 4, 2014

Are you ready to know the Truth about medical marijuana?

Tune in as Sri and Kira reveal:

– An exclusive inside peek at what it’s like to be a marijuana grower & supplier living in the US. Their special guest — whose identity will be kept anonymous for his own safety! — will discuss the disparity and risks he faces on a daily basis.

– How and why Big Pharma, the AMA, and federal government areso adamantly opposed tomarijuana legalization, and what it would mean if they got their way.

– The benefits of marijuana and cannabis — including the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and cannibanoids.

– The changing perceptions of marijuana throughout recent history.

– How Baby Boomers/former Flower Children can get back in touch with their roots. Also: How theycan team-up with and “mentor” Millennials to createrealsocial change.

– The greater impact of marijuana legalization in Colorado, including the refugee situation it’s created among those seeking medical help.

– The costs of the current prohibition and the options being considered as alternatives.

– How all of this has come to influence the planet’s spiritual awakening as a whole — and howyoucan reap the benefits of our connected consciousness!

This is an amazing episode with a truly unique, extremely knowledgeable, guest expert. Whether you’re in favor of legalization or opposed, we encourage you to tune in!