The threshold of greatness or dark density?

April 24, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

may 1st

Feeling the spin? The final OPENING of the Fifth Point of the Metronian Star is NOW as Mercury is FULL ON with the Retrograde experience you will be talking about all year!

HUGE momentum is pouring forth to support you …IF you embrace the truth of the light that you are!  Tune in as Sri & Kira share how you can FEARLESSLY walk as the divine master in form to live your most incredible life. Are you ready?

BREATHE a breath of fresh air…you do have a choice!  This moment has arrived for you to openyour hands, CLAIM your divine birthright as you step forward in ways that will excite and delight you!

TUNE in for a timely show and gain valuable clarity and insights.  This is the time to move forward with CONFIDENCE.

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Some notes from this episode:

Is humanity in the threshold or greatness or at the abyss?


As we’re coming in to May which is the completion of the star, which means it is balancing and moving into a spin, that pentagram energy is also getting its momentum. This galactic energy is more present on our planet and it is igniting and stimulating everyone in some way. The only question is it igniting you to lift into greater divine trust, to become the beautiful human, or is it igniting you to move into further density, fear, and anxiety to control and manipulate the outer world. So for sure, there will be an increase in polarity.


Can we regain balance amidst all these chaos? Yes we can. In order to regain balance, we must give ourselves the gift of diving into the spin rather than resist it.


Use your conscience to notice what is going on. Tweet this.


Are there things that are repeating that need restoration or healing renewal? Or are you in new territory and are getting re-invigorated by it?


This retrograde gives you the opportunity to reclaim your life. Tweet this.


If you are feeling like everything is going wrong, this the month where you can reclaim it. However, it is an active energy. You cannot do nothing and just claim it. You will need to move to be able to do something about it. Everything you do in this retrograde that is done with divine, heart-centered presence, by the end of May, you will be blown away by what comes forward.


When we put too much emphasis on the egoist self we begin to get out of harmony with the divine flow. Tweet this.


If you find yourself spiraling down, it is not a disaster; it is not the end of the world. It is an opportunity to remember you have a choice.


Any time you find yourself in a negative situation or in a downward spiral, the fact that you are able to notice it and the fact that you even know it is going on is huge because it means that now, you can make an informed choice. And now, it will be up to you if you will continue to go into a downward spiral or if you are going to do something about it.


Live your life to the best of your ability. Be the best that you can. Tweet this.