The Rapture Myth: What is it… Really?

May 23, 2011

Beyond all faiths, religions and traditions is the underlying sense of world
change. Even if we are doing our best to stay focused upon the positive, it
is evident that humanity is experiencing heightened tensions, social decay and
chaos. When the very world we live in becomes scary or overwhelming, it is little
wonder that many people either welcome or fear “end times”. Seeking
a need to justify the perceived insanity around them, it becomes comforting
to interpret the Book of Revelations, the prophecies of the Hopi, the Maya,
and others, to suggest that our world is ending. And, yes… there is an
end before us! What exactly is the end before us and does it have a date that
is looming on the horizon? Join Sri and Kira as they share extraordinary insights
that weave together information and revelations that will awaken a greater recognition
of the end times before us. Are you ready for the Rapture… and if so, exactly
what Rapture are you prepared for??