The New Normal: Who is Defining You?

July 25, 2012

Over the past few centuries, we’ve made great strides against intolerance…But recently it seems like we’re backsliding. “Normal” can be so limiting; but do any of us really know what constitutes “normal” anymore? Is there a new “normal?” And, if so: What is it?
Sri and Kira look at the new “normal” (and discuss the upcoming television show of the same name!) and investigate the natural balance that humanity is fighting so hard to overthrow. From Socrates to Galileo, forward-thinking individuals have always been met with resistance…but why?
Sri and Kira welcome you to come out of the closet, let go of your paradigms, redefine what it means to be fundamental, and move forward toward Ascended Sanity. Celebrate who you are–let the gift of your true presence be known. Let’s let the only “taboo” be intolerance. Let’s grow through our fears together.