The Miracle of True Community: Saving our Ecosphere

February 17, 2010

Tonight! Join Sri and Kira as they meet with internationally renowned Environmental Scientist, Juan Skinner. Living at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, this gifted being is able to bring the benefits of “ascended science” to the Maya, while he diligently champions the REAL solutions to the environmental crisis we face here on planet earth! His ventures deep into the highlands with the elders have brought forth an illuminated solution that bridges all cultures and creates the grass roots programs that demonstrate the miracle of true community. Juan also shares how you can honestly make a difference in your community, right now! A take action show: Fresh insights to real solutions. This week’s quote: “Beloved Ones, indeed, all are ready to awaken, and yet there are many who will seek to stay in kindergarten. Love them.” T-12, Divine Illuminations, Message One