The Great Illusion! Chaos or Blessing

June 22, 2014 Healing Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

i dreamed I was humanIn this thought-provoking call, Sri and Kira welcome Carolyn Gervais and discuss the metaphysical concepts of multidimensional beings, parallel universe, cosmic life regression, and heaven. Carolyn is a long-time writer for the  Sedona Journal of Emergence.  She’s an ordained spiritual psychologist and a certified hypnotherapist. She’s also a professional singer. Her book “I Dreamed I Was Human: Awakening from the Illusion,” challenges traditional beliefs  on spirituality and life one Earth. You can find read more of her works on here web site, Awakening You.


You can also listen to this episode in installments by clicking the links below:

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The Great Illusion! Chaos or Blessing Part 2

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Here are some important notes from this episode:

Your energy is always meeting another energy.  When that happens it’s either traumatic or your birthing a new energy.

Each and every one of us is given the blessing of a heart and conscious mind.  A conscious mind that is foundationalized with our heart will always allow us to observe, learn, course-correct and to come into greater alignment with the truth, which is love. If we set that [conscious mind] aside, we will get consumed by the hypnosis induced by TV shows, radio shows, novellas, soap operas, etc. We get sucked in to the drama.

Now, more than ever, we are being called into our ascended sanity.  This is different from density sanity which is aligned with chaos and buys in into the drama. It seeks external validation.

Practice stepping aside from your point of view and flow with the conversation. We grow by looking at other perspectives and allowing reality to reveal itself.

On realizing your human form

Carolyn had a memory of where she was before she was here on planet Earth in human form.

When she realized she was here, she hated it. The Earth, after all, is a very chaotic place.  She spent a lot time observing people and asking adults questions that they have no answer to.

Eventually, she came to the realization that this life is really a dream. Everyday we are recreating it that dream. We do not know what will happen each day…what challenges we have to go through. We make decisions based on what we think and experience each day,

However, what many do not realize is that this life on Earth is made up. Our perceptions and beliefs are all made up. When we awaken to the fact that this life is an illusion… a dream… then we start having fun.

Parallel Lifetimes

Carolyn believes incarnation. We are multidimensional beings because we were created by a multidimensional creative force.  There are many aspects of us everywhere.

But we are all aspects of each other as energy. We really are incarnations of each other. We are just separating our energy and individualizing it in the human body. But that is an illusion for  the human body is nothing but coalesced energy given  thoughts.

The alternate reality looks like this reality only the outcomes may be different.

Cosmic life regression

Many people try to limit themselves to just a one-world experience., i.e. just this planet.  We are vastly far more expansive than just having this one experience in this planet, in this type of linear timeline.  If we open ourselves up to cosmic life regression, not only can we heal all of the vast eons of our lives, we also have the opportunity to make sense of things.

On Heaven

You can experience heaven if you go into deep meditation. In Carolyn’s experience, there is no form in heaven. There is just energy. She was just a part of this energy; one with the consciousness. It’s hard to describe this oneness with the energy that created life.

 Ego commits murder

In her book, Carolyn shares her though on the ego. When we started forgetting that we were spiritual beings when we first came into this Earth/ planet  –or when we dreamed it into existence — we started to become self-centred, selfish,  and greedy. We started to fear each other. This is how the ego was created.

The ego wants to be separated form the spiritual form.  It fights to stay in control. It seeks to take the power from the other person… to steal this power from another human being and remain in control. This is what’s causing the chaos we are experiencing right now, e.g. wars, conflict, etc.

We can only step out of this chaotic reality when we start to get tired being the “victims of this Earth.”  Then you will start asking the bigger questions like “why am I here?” and seek bigger answers.

Everything we do is a grand habit.