Spiritual Tenacity or Spiritual Ego? Is there a difference? Moving forward with CONFIDENCE!

January 31, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live


Are you living your life with Spiritual Tenacity? OR, are you living from the Spiritual Ego?

Often misunderstood, this subtlety is PROFOUND!  Can they work alongside each other?  While often confusing at first, as we learn how to anchor and ignite the ascended heart, the gifts are stunning. Tenacity is the willingness to walk into the darkness releasing the outcome and Ego is a coping mechanism to keep us safe in this world. We need both in balance!

This week Sri and Kira share beautiful jewels of wisdom to discern the difference. They lovingly teach how to Ascend through spiritualized ego into the opening our miracle gateway – the foundation for Self- Ascension! Once anchored fully, the ability to manifest our most amazing life becomes an everyday event!



Some notes from this episode:

True secret of spirituality.

Spiritual Tenacity or Spiritual Ego—is there really a difference and what does that really mean? This is really an often hugely misunderstood issue. It is also a road block for most people including people that have been in the journey for a long time.

In conventional medicine, a healthy ego is the fundamental aspect of a well-adjusted individual. It means one that can take care of himself, navigating his/her interpersonal relationships and ends up in life feeling successful.

For people who have explored their spiritual essence, the ego is both a blessing and an impediment. Tweet this.

Without spiritual tenacity, we are absolutely unable to step into our self-ascension and our ascended presence. Tweet this.

Density Consciousness

In the pyramid of spiritual awakening, the initial or entry level is known as density consciousness. Density consciousness is what you’re born into. It’s everything that has to do with being on this planet aligned with the frequencies of the third dimension. As you grow, you will have some serious awakening experiences and you lifted up through that energy into the second strata.

Spiritual Activism

The second strata is the single most dangerous and simultaneously the one you must lift through. And this is called spiritual activism. This is a point where you recognize the greater. You recognize that there is an expanded opportunity, the expanded universe, so to speak. However, it is dangerous because it is the most polarizing because you move from the ‘me’ to the ‘us versus them’. And ‘us versus them’, there is a judgment, where often it is the spiritualized ego starts evolving. Now the question for us is, can we evolve through this to lift up into that next level which is full ascension awareness.

 Ascension Awareness

Ascension awareness gives you a living spiritual consciousness from which you can navigate both density and the inner plane. It is a bridge consciousness to your awakening.

Ascension Consciousness

Spiritualized ego is the density ego on new language. Tweet this.

Density consciousness is the birthplace of human individuation. This is where we pick up the rules of society, religion, of your family.

When you are born, you are individualized into a self and your ego came on board. And its number one is to keep you safe. Tweet this.

It (Ego) does seek to avoid pain. The ego has positive and negative qualities. From a positive point of the view, the ego deploys your soul’s intention. It honors whatever perceptions it has about why you took birth. However, those things that are called upon by the ego are often overwhelmed by the density environment. Also, the ego gives you practice in self-awareness because the ego immediately offers you duality. The ‘us versus them’ perspective. So it starts cultivating awareness. Through self-awareness comes pride, and through pride we learn to cultivate excellence. So sometimes, it is actually the ego that teaches us discipline at first.

The ego, itself, is density oriented or earth oriented. It’s centric to the world it first emerged thus, seeking to protect you in that world. And as it evolves, it also seeks to protect others in your group in your world.

One negative aspect is that it becomes self-obsessed. Another thing is righteousness becomes a way to protect one’s point of view. The third is a disregard for others’ needs.

If your spiritual teacher does not have the ability to offer you things you don’t want to hear… then you need to ask, why? Tweet this.