Should Happiness be Legislated? An International Day of Happiness

March 20, 2013

The UN has officially declared an International day of Happiness. This is a powerful commentary on the state of our world and our lives! Alongside this the next DSMV is soon to be released and redefine what is and what is not “normal”. In this revealing episode, Sri and Kira look straight on at the issues that are hiding beneath the surface and how they affect us all.

Are we really ready to legislate happiness in the name of awareness? How much of our true essential freedoms have already been given away in the name of perceptions of safety, social welfare and more? Are we really needing an outside force to guide us on our path or to tell us if we are normal? Or, are we ready to finally trust our inner nature and take charge of our lives and if so can we navigate the plethora of press that encourages us to be less than. Tune in, open your heart and mind and gain perspective as Sri and Kira talk about it all and share some “how” lessons to make it through.