Releasing Drama: Claiming Abundance!

June 3, 2009

THIS SHOW IS LIVE!!! Join Sri and Kira tonight and gift yourself with unlocking the gateway to freedom from all drama! Even if your life is already lifted from the day to day drama of density, learn how you can hold this gift for others and why our planet is ready to support your Divine Abundance now! Learn how to understand the signals you send to the universe and how to be sure they are the ones you want them to be! An amazing on-air journey that will bring forward greater joy and presence! Bring your questions, mini soul reading requests and LOVE! Join us as Higher Love shares the gift of Joy-filled Self-Ascension . “”In the choice, when it has been made, there is no pain for you are in the rooted center of Divine understanding!”…The Benevolent Ones, The Galactic Encyclopedia, Lesson 5