Relax, Trust and KNOW!

May 10, 2015 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

More than ever we are being called to make the choice about how we decide to live our lives amongst the unfolding world stage. As the Earth begins her seven year ascent and the twinning energies emerge every stronger, there is the moment at hand to either Relax, Trust and Know OR its twin energy, Fear, Chaos and Doubt.

Sri and Kira share how to anchor the vast twin energies ahead as all of humanity begins its ride into the world ahead!

Tune in to an intriguing show with some stunning new revelations shared.


Here are some important notes from the episode:

Take a look at how your attitudes are. Take a look at how your behavior is. Get an idea of who’s actually in charge. Tweet this

As our vibrational rate increases, as our sensitivity becomes cleaner and more aware, we tend to notice these ripples more clearly.

Most of us live our lives very much preoccupied with the content of our lives. All of these things that we’re doing become a dominant influence on how we look at the world and how we’re scheduling things.

If you’re tracking with the chakra vastu and allowing that blessing of that to anchor your life, you’re going to notice you’re a little more flow oriented. There’s a pacing and spaciousness involved.

As we relax our attention and really be present to the breathing, we’ll find ourselves ever more spaciously connected to our energy and the infinite and a little less preoccupied by the finite and time stuff.

It’s the space between the spaces where the fun happens. Tweet this.

Union always begins inside. It begins with that unconditional acceptance of yourself. Be in union with you. Be in union with your body.  You are not your body and your body is not you. However, the two of you, through sacred union, create the blessing that is your life.

How can we relax, trust, and know if we are in conflict with the energy of the soul and the energy of the ego?

The ego is not only a kind, wonderful friend. It is a pirate that will steal your joy. The ego is a valuable part of being individuated being.

Hierarchy of needs – when we get passed the physical safety issues, we get passed the need for food and the need for companionship and the need to belong and the need for respect and community, as all of those basic needs are met, we start approaching a threshold moment where the needs of the being become more refined, more abstract, and more spiritual.

The ego finally relaxes enough because it trusts that the soul is leading. Together, they both unify and know that this is the divine purpose for your being on the planet.

All of the experiences that are associated with the upper chakras come forward as opportunities for the soul to become know.

In a free-will zone, the way that you can be interfered with is that you let the interference in yourself.

Doubt is different than confusion. Confusion is a place where you might have been habitually oriented in a certain way and suddenly there seems to be other ways or other opportunities or other choices for you. Doubt is the energy where you don’t trust yourself.

When we have symptoms, sometimes the symptoms are expressions of old energies that are seeking to be released.

On Chakra Vastu energy:

In the energy of the Chakra Vastu, we’re also dealing with the energy of space, of the universe.  Whenever we enter that energy, we are more accustomed to working in those elements.

However, when you anchor up in the crown, and when the universe opens, you might be finding yourself going into familiar boundaries that feels safe and tell yourself that you can feel unsafe at the same time, until you relax.

You need to relax and accept the crown energy and look at it as a direct connection to your heart. Tweet this.

The crown energy will either ignite that curiosity to question everything or ignite the benevolent crown, whereby there is a relaxation in your life.

Relax into the recognition that you are connected. Trust that the universe is pouring through you and everything is in divine order. Know there would be no doubt. Know that all is well.

Whenever the crown opens up, there is a kind of electric connection, and that connection can either be very spiritually reassuring, spiritually informative or it could work right into the ego.