Reclaiming our World: Fear-FULL to Fear-LESS!

February 25, 2009

As humanity sails into the storm of shift are we ready to brace the mighty wind of awakening that is calling to every soul on the planet? This question brings forward the already familiar call to our heart that is compelling us to keep moving forward regardless of the many outward expressions that seek to keep us stuck. The predominant energy of the past eight years reminds us that fear has become the new normal for most. We have collectively allowed fear to be profitable, unlimited, and everywhere. Fear energy has brought many expressions to the forefront of our global and universal consciousness. The good news is that not all of these expressions are negative. Tonight Sri & Kira birth a POWERFUL SHOW that will bring forward your freedom to reclaim your true co-creative power. The lines are open! “When enough people anchor trust in the Divine, we will all see a shift in the trends started in our world and begin a trend of coherence and harmony.” 2012: Awakening, pg. 24