Questioning Authority: Good for Society?

May 17, 2012

Times are a changing! And this week Sri and Kira want to know: Is it good for society or not to question what’s going on with authority? Our world is presenting more and more challenges that cause concern and it’s leading us to ponder intentions of our leaders. What’s the right answer? Is there a right answer? And who do we turn to to find it?

In a time where worldwide political changes, wars, and financial uncertainty are taking the main stage—we all have questions. But who do we turn to for the answers? Sri and Kira not only weigh the pros and cons of questioning authority, but of “questioning the questioner.” Maybe we need to look at ourselves first. Maybe you should tune in to find out!

Don’t miss this episode! If you’ve ever woken up and wondered “Who’s responsible for all this?!” then you’re going to want to download today’s show, and listen to it again and again.