Quantum Healing: Hype or Hope? part 1

June 1, 2014

Sri and Kira speak with the first guest in their three-part “Quantum Healing: Hype or Hope?” series, Chris Kehler, a quantum energy practitioner/healer who specializes in finding the trouble areas in the body and the stressors within that area by using the pendulum and chart method of dowsing.

Sri and Kira will dive deeply into the many facets and aspects of Quantum Healing. Is this a bonafide advancement in the way we offer care to ourselves and is there more here than most are aware of? As a three part series, they will explore with several Quantum Healer practitioners how they adapted and brought this modality into their lives, the results that they are seeing and the potential conflicts that are arising.

Deeply provocative questions will be brought forward and answers that may challenge you! Invite yourself to explore this still emerging field as you expand your awareness of Quantum Healing and its applications.

Chris has discovered that when working with universal energies, one must think not just “outside the box,” but WAY outside the box. When considering a person’s ill health, Chris not only looks for viruses and infections, but also off the wall possibilities such as entities, aliens, demons, karmic debt, and how well your body is grounded to the earth.

Tune in while Sri, Kira, and Chris explore the propaganda, the hype, and the TRUTH behind quantum healing!