Planetary Ascension and Shakti Exchange – Part 1

September 7, 2014 Self Ascension

Sri and Kira start a month-long discussion about Planetary Ascension and Shakti Exchange, where the month of November marks the moment where humanity gets the opportunity to harness the energetic gift of a do-over, and closing it up at the end of the month with a discussion about what all this means for the Chakra Vaastu.


You can listen to this call in installments using the links below:

Planetary Ascension and Shakti Exchange Part 1

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Planetary Ascension and Shakti Exchange Part 3

Some important notes from this call:

Humanity is at a crescendo moment and ancient wisdom is now ready to be revealed with greater clarity and presence.

A lot of ancient wisdom is becoming manifest during this ascension period.

The more we relax and widen our perspective, the more we will notice that we are part of an evolutionary cycle and that the Shakti is indeed rising.

Dance with the vitality of who you are. Don’t limit yourself; look at options you may not have looked at before.

don't limit yourself

Sri and Kira talk about how people are on a journey, and how each of us gets distracted during that journey. If you’ve ever talked to somebody or met someone with a thousand-mile stare that looked like he was lost in space, that phenomenon is an example of how people live their lives. Our attention is captured; we get distracted by the pre-occupations of fear, money, sex, relationships, etc.

People talk about coping with these pre-occupations, but what actually happens is that what we call “coping” is really being accommodating to the obligations. We are accommodating the pressures and the stresses of the world.

People lead their lives always thinking that they need something more, and that’s common. Sri agrees with that, because we do need more clarity, more joy, and more trust in our own abundance. Kira says that we only feel we need more until we remember that we are enough.

Yvonne, a caller, contacts Sri and Kira, asking for wisdom and guidance about her problem. Yvonne talks about her problem where she is thinking about leaving what she’s currently doing and move forward with her life, and how she always stops from doing so. It is ascertained that the reason for this is because Yvonne worries that her decision to leave won’t be supported.

Kira explains that Yvonne is experiencing doubt, that she doesn’t trust enough her own talent and skills, and that she doesn’t trust enough in the universe. Kira says that it’s time for her to look at the number one fear she has, and to realize how unreal that fear is.