Now that I’m Awake…HOW do I function in the “REAL” world?

September 18, 2016

Imagine if four simple, yet profound steps were all that was needed to break through the illusion? Is there a difference between Self-Ascension and Ascension? Is it really possible for anyone to experience their ascended state while still in body?
Bold questions and bold answers are explored by Sri and Kira during this extraordinarily meaningful teaching hour! Gather your friends, take notes and relax as you expand with Peace, Love and Joy through the revelations shared. Regardless of what the world of illusion wants to make you believe…YOU Have a Choice! Prepare to be delighted!
“Self-Ascension is the ability to embody Unconditional Love with yourself so that you can hold the light for others along the way.” Archangel Zadkiel, Sacred Union, The Journey Home, pg. 105