Navigating the S.T.O.R.M.

March 12, 2008

We can all agree that the times we are in must and most certainly will, change. How we navigate through these times, and our recognition of the energy that is gifting us now WILL AFFECT our world. You are that important and every moment you are faced with choice. How are you flowing with the STORMS of our world…now. To fully explore the STORM, Sri and Kira will offer you powerful and tangible techniques to bring forth Seeing The Oneness; Reclaiming Mastery. There is a quiet center inside every STORM…it is waiting for you! The phone lines are open, give us a call, experience your divine flow in action! “In the time of the shift…everything will shift for everyone, none are exempt!”…Archangel Zadkiel, 2012: Atlantean Revelations, pg. 271