Navigating 2009: The Year of Cleansing

January 28, 2009

As you reflect upon the momentous start of 2009 what do you feel? How are you experiencing the dramatic shift in energy that came forward like a lion and is calling you to greater clarity and alignment! Sri and Kira are just back from their trip to Guatemala to complete the energetic integration of the Dome opened in India on Dec. 17, 2009 AND THE LINES ARE OPEN! Tonight they will share how this year is pivotal for your personal and global life and they will also begin to reveal the powerful earth energies now anchored and how you can align with these gifts! Call in and share your journey or just ask a question. “And the year of cleansing is upon you. All shall bring forth their clarity and all shall experience the gift of rebirth and renewal.” Archangel Zadkiel & the Ascended Masters