Mayan Revelations!

January 16, 2008

Tonight Sri & Kira will FOR THE FIRST TIME reveal the many energetic experiences and Mayan revelations that were gifted to them during their first experience of the Land of Eternal Spring, Guatemala. Learn about the ancient artifacts that miraculously came to their custodianship, how they will be shared with the world, and why they are returning to continue this journey in February! Pictured is Akinah holding one of the artifacts joined by the “Light” in the form of two Union orbs! Call in with your questions and mini soul reading requests…the lines are open…and so is the call of the universe! “It is time for you to understand the truth of the crystalline beings that you are, the truth of the light that you are, and the wholeness that you carry.” Archangel Zadkiel, 2012: You Have a Choice, pg. 115