Manifesting Miracles: Releasing Chaos! Part two

May 27, 2009

THIS SHOW IS LIVE!!! Join Sri and Kira tonight as they return to 7th Wave Network with the continuation of the Miracle Series and the beginning of a WHOLE NEW SEASON of Higher Love Radio! Last week, we shared the techniques of Ascended Sanity and how to begin integrating these energies into your life. This week, we will together create miracles and bring forward the true power of collective manifestation! Bring your questions, miracle requests and LOVE and join us as Higher Love enters its third season of sharing the gift of Self-Ascension on the air! This week’s quote: “It is those without choice who will find the greatest chaos!” …The T-12..Living in the Fifth Dimension, Lesson 7 This show is LIVE! Make a note of our new call-in number: 866-472-5795