YES! You can Manifest the Life of your Dreams: Enchantment Ignites Your Co-Creator!

February 21, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

You know it is time to be living your dream life, yet find yourself asking why you are still not experiencing an enchanted life of oneness in every moment? Sometimes the surrender into the oneness while at the same time being present in your daily physical life can seem challenging…yet you know it is obtainable!

Life Enchantment occurs when the very skills needed to live your AWAKENED life are ignited within you! You lovingly recognize every emotion, relationship and situation from your spiritual awareness and integration! This week Sri and Kira share life enhancing tools and techniques to ignite your enchanted, soul-guided life. Imagine living fully awakened to your full potential as a powerful co-creator. Why not invite your inner enchantment to open and bloom. It is your time to ignite that divine spark and receive what is yours for the creating with abundance and flow! Our phone lines will be open for sharing or questions and the gift of Kira’s mini-soul readings


Some notes from this episode:

7th and 8th of March is the Maha Shivaratri. It is an annual energy moment where the energy of Shiva is radiating. As we know, Shiva is the destroyer, transformer and very much entering to a new life.

If you give yourself the gift of really diving into your 5th dimensional energy, then you have the opportunity to live a life of enchantment through what’s going on.

This is a month of action. Whether the action is positive or negative, remains to be seen. But for sure, action is happening everywhere. What is happening right now in our world is an amplification of what was hidden. This means that perhaps hidden jewels of wisdom are coming forward, or unhealed or corrosive impulses are coming forward.

These energies are building this whole March that when April comes, it is going to be a splash down of energies. Everything that was put in motion in March will blossom or explode in April. This could be shocking to many people.

There is an electrification going on in the general energy body surrounding our planet. This electrification of the greater energetics is an opportunity to ignite. And what it ignites is a very human thing, meaning you will interact according to your passions and desires, and see what gets ignited.

Dreaming a higher, better life.

If you’re sitting there going “well, I’m not that happy with my life” then what I would say to you is, you need a new dream. Tweet this.

Everything you are experiencing is a dream. – One of the teachings in the shamanic traditions

We are interacting with an illusionary reality that is inspired to be perpetuated by all the “densies”. The question is, can you bring passion with in that dream? Because if not, you need to wake up. Passionate action is indeed the gateway to soul based living, the gateway to igniting what you’re first to do. It is self-ascension in motion.

The idea of living the life of your dreams begin with “does your dream inspire you?” Tweet this.

Living the life of your dreams is as easy as you let it be or as difficult as you may want it to be. Tweet this.

If your vision for your future does not depend upon spirit, that is of your dream is so attainable that you could do it without any help, it’s not big enough.

If your dream takes a leap of faith, if it means there has to be some magic that shows up to help it fully manifest and if the x-factor is there, you feel excitement or propulsion or electric in the air when you think about this dream. You have the electricity but you don’t have the available resources to accomplish it, then you are on the right track. It takes the divine embrace to fully fulfill you. And that is one the signals that you are actually dreaming from your soul space rather than your ego because the soul does not have any limits and ego loves limits. If you are inspired and you continue to work with spirit in manifesting then the fruits of your inspiration will be far tastier and greater.

Important ingredients of living your dreams

  • The electricity needs to be in your vision. You have to have an excitement about it that it just tickles you in some fashion.
  • The vision needs to feel bigger than a linear ego could create.

I am blessed because I was born. Tweet this.


TOSA Miracle Team