Living within the Inner Matrix – Part Two

May 30, 2007

Tonight let’s navigate the journey many call life! During this incredible hour Sri & Kira continue guiding us lovingly through the Inner Matrix, and whether you were with them during Part One or not, you’ll want to be present for this guided journey. They will share it all, love, sex, union and more. During segment three, the journey will go ever deeper into the realms of the universe as we will all travel together…definitely do not do this while driving! You are reading this now because you are ready to go ever further into the Divine revelation of the greatest miracle of all…You! Remember the phone lines are open, are you ready? “Feel the radiant and abundant joy that is in you, within you, around you and surrounding you…for this is the true work of all, all have this power, as do you, this is YOUR power.” …Archangel Zadkiel, Sacred Union: The Journey Home “You must remember yourself without doubt.” …Archangel Zadkiel, 2012: You Have a Choice