Living in the Fifth Dimension: NOW

May 3, 2015 Multidimensional Communication Sri and Kira Live


Wonder where Sri & Kira have been?

Aware of the immense shifts on the planet?

Feeling the energy and wanting to anchor it into your life easily?

If you missed the show live on Oct 4, listen in as Sri and Kira as they share their extraordinary journey and what they have learned. They will share the challenges and the steps that are needed to be taken to fully anchor living fully in fifth dimensional space TODAY and how you can achieve this as well. They have invited special guests who have witnessed the “strange” phenomenon and other worldly experiences at Terra Nostra Essenah and this conversation is one that needs to be heard by everyone…right now!


Some important notes from this episode:

During the supermoon experience this year, a shift has taken place and an energy is pulling us and has embraced our planet and a lot of people now are taking notice. A lot are being propelled and we are being supported and together we are sorting this out. This is similar to the Harmonic Convergence of 1987.

On anchoring the energy to your life:

The Earth has twinned. The dimensions are very rich and how you choose to anchor will determine your life experience. Density (meaning 3D) is still here as well as the 5th dimension. Both are present. The question now is, which one do you want to align with?

What happened to the 4th dimension? We talk about its collapse in this YouTube video here:

When you understand the destructive forces of free will and the co-creative forces of free will, your ascension energy anchors and you are able to hold this space of 5th dimension, thereby, not being affected by dense experiences happening in the planet right now.

3 things you can do to shift your energies:

  1. Start growing at least one thing that you can eat. Get a little pot but put some crystals in it. Crystalize the energy. Put the earth in, energize it, call forth 5th dimensional energy with that blessing. Anything that you eat that is grown in 5th dimensional energy, helps to support it, because it’s part of nourishing your life. The key is, when we give ourselves the gift of ingesting light, and ingesting food that has been grown in 5th dimensional space, then we help our DNA. When you start living in 5th dimension energy, your DNA realigns.
  2. Crystalize your water. If you’re drinking water that’s less than that, create a crystalline water field. These are tangible things you can do that really make a difference. And as you do, as you reconnect, the next thing is the sun.
  3. Gift yourself at least 15 minutes a day in the sun. Connect with the sun and call in the lumens of divine crystal and light.

On 5th dimensional living:

Fifth dimensional living is truly about a refinement of your priorities, because what you look at seems to intensify. If we’re focused on conflict and emotional struggle, which are 3rd dimensional qualities, we’re definitely going to see every other bit of unfinished business that’s stored in our tissues. If we’re focused on peace, if we’re focused on joy and the expansion of love, we’re going to see the future turn into the present as a ripening of spaciousness, the ripening of joy.

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If you have surrendered in a sense of consciousness and a sense of awareness, and living in a 5th dimensional space, then it’s very supportive. If you are very much entrenched in the 3rd dimension, you cannot be here.

Living in the 5th dimension is intense, life altering, great gratitude, yet there is a moment of presence. It demands the ability to always stay, to constantly keep your presence and sense of awareness.

As we tune into the thinner air, as we tune in to the higher vibrational frequencies, we begin to hone our own discernment filters. We begin to be able to look at your life, look at your experiences with more wisdom for as you are on your path of ascension, its important you make good choices. Choices that nourish you. And when we’re a little bit confused or dulled or hypnotized, we often make choices that are not of the highest order. However, when we’re clear, when we’ve done healing work, when we’ve tuned in to the 5th dimensional spaces, our clarity is enhanced. and it ripples in every aspect of our lives.

In this 5th dimensional energy, people are called. We start understanding what’s happening in our lives and it’s important to pay attention to that. If you’re called to move, get on with it.

Remember that the energy of the 3rd dimension is where fear exists. Where is there a fear dominated culture in the 3rd dimension? That is what’s going to trap us in war. That’s what’s going to trap us in the darker polarities. That’s what’s going to trap us in literally an insanity. There are lots of things happening in the 3rd dimension right now that look insane, yet when you flip over and anchor in the 5th dimension, there’s an opportunity to actually move through this.

One of the beautiful things is that we’re really are living in this 5th dimensional world where each one of us has the co-creative capacity to command the light. So be careful about what you doubt and put your attention to – the minute you put yourself doubting, tell yourself “Oh, wait a minute here, I’m not doubting. I’m just remembering that at some point I used to live in the 3rd dimension. So let me now flip that doubt into trust and move forward and allow myself to be supported.”

On UFO experience:

If you’re living in a 5th dimensional space, a lot of things get very tangible, such as the phenomenon what people would call UFO experiences. We are all in a shared reality. We are all learning how to line up our vision. This isn’t the only planet in the galaxy, let alone the universe.

Gaia is one of 12 planets of density in this area. Many of these planets have other technologies. Many of these have the capacity to visit, capacity for travel. Then of course, there are the dimensional shifts and the beings that are crossing dimensions, meaning, coming in and out of visibility.

Because dimensions are a little bit like sound. They can all coexist in the “same space” and yet form is understood quite differently.

The experience was seeing an apparition that appeared and disappeared. It came forward and it phased out then phased back in again. That is an example of a dimension shifting.

So often, as we travel (spiritual path), it’s a wonderful thing to get a wink from the divine. It’s a wonderful thing to hear the voices of the angels. To feel the tangibility of our connections. Space and time are completely fluid. And we are – life is as friendly and as connected as you want it to be.

On what’s it like working in the temple:

Adrian and his wife Claudia was married by Sri and Kira in the Self-Ascension Sanctuary and has been living in Terra Nostra Essenah for several months now. Adrian has helped shaped the Temple of Self-Ascension.

Working in the temple felt like a working meditation. He finds himself being mindful of every stroke of the brush. He often finds himself chanting and trying to infuse the paint with the energy of Shiva and the energies of self-ascension. For Adrian, it’s really a practice of being mindful and conscious.

For Claudia, who used to live in San Diego and worked in a law firm, living in Terra Nostra Essenah community was quite a change. Living in a predictable schedule and lifestyle back in the city, there was so much density. There was some fear and the ego. Claudia has a great sense of security to just stay in the temple.

There’s so much more out there waiting for you. If you don’t take this chance, you’ll always regret this. – Claudia Tweet this.

Staying safe is something we all get to feel attracted to have to overcome, because it’s not about lack of safety and making the move, it’s the unknown. It’s that gap between current normal and the new normal.

On their life changes since living in the compound:

Adrian felt like it has been a journey of walking through his fears and really anchoring through trusts and surrendering. Being in the Terra Nostra Essenah environment really forces you to anchor in your surrender and you’re left to trust that process will work out.

Claudia has quite the similar experience. For her, it’s about having her ego be at peace and quiet. To sum it up, it’s all about trusting and surrendering.

On a very tangible 4th dimension experience:

Adrian had a 4th dimensional experience through a dream. He was dreaming when he woke up from that dream thinking he was in the 3rd dimension but definitely feeling he was in the 4th dimension because he was visited by a spirit and that spirit was not too friendly.

This is one of those experiences wherein you wake up and you know you’re awake but you can’t talk. You feel almost parlayed or something. Adrian was able to move in his dream, however, when he tried to call out to his wife, nothing was coming out.

There was a very old lithograph in Terra Nostra that was hung over Adrian’s bed. Adrian said he definitely felt like there was a connection between the portrait and what was happening to him in the dream. That picture didn’t fit with the energies Adrian was trying to anchor in the place.

If you are having experiences of the 4th dimension, or you feel trapped in the 3rd dimension, pay attention to your environment. Tweet this.

Every print is a symbol. You could have symbols that open inter-dimensional portals, you could have symbols that are carrying the frequency of a lesser or coarser vibration. Everything that’s imprinted has an impression. So play with that notion for a moment because the more we find our energy becomes, the more you’re going to notice these coarser elements that are around you.

On living in terra nostra and being in the 5th dimensional space:

Adrian: Really trust your heart. We live in a time now where it’s time to anchor in the heart. Balance the force with a sense of wisdom. Really, it’s about trust.

Claudia: It’s about being home, like your soul’s home, not your person’s home. It just feels right.

When our soul is leading, we are home. And when we let our soul lead us to the home of the planet, we discover the unified presence of our 5th dimensional being and are able to co-create.

Each of us have been living compromises for so many years where we grow up and compromise. We grow up coping. We grow up picking the lesser of two evils, so to speak. When we move to a more authentic location, when we live more authentically, we discover that a lack of a compromise is a good thing. We feel better.

The key is that, when we allow ourselves to be free to live our truth, the universe responds and everything supports us. But it means we always have to go through our fear because fear is that 3rd dimensional energy.



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