Living in the Fifth Dimension Now: The Divine Galactic Blueprint!

June 24, 2009

“You have created the shift to move forward”…continues the Archangelic Realm as TONIGHT Sri and Kira bring forward the FULL ENERGY and LOVE of YOUR Divine Galactic Blueprint! On this, Higher Love’s 111th show you will learn how this expanded and Ascended 12-point energy system has re-appeared on the planet and how you can anchor this energy for yourself. Want to fly…want to tele-port…want to re-connect effortlessly with all that is? Then this show, (part two of our series), will offer you answers you have been waiting for! Pick up your phone and call-in for our mini soul reading, to ask a question, or to simply share. This week’s quote: “It is important for you to make the choice and say…YES! I choose the Fifth dimensional experience now!” Archangel Zadkiel, Lesson Four