LIVE! What is ahead for 2010? – The Culmination!

December 30, 2009

2010: The Year of Divine Acceptance is upon us. Are you Here? Are you Ready? Are you Open? During this very special LIVE culmination or our three part series, Sri & Kira will take a bold look at the many lessons of the cleansing energy of 2009 and share the revelations at hand for 2010! We are LIVE, Call in for your New Year Mini soul reading, to share your love or to just say hello! Together, we will ALL celebrate the Divine moments at hand as we enter into the energy of 2010. Join us! This week’s quote: “The Divine illumination of all wisdom, found within the core center of every being of Divine love that is on this world, and many other worlds, are now being called to a great moment of self responsible action…Self responsible action.” T-12, Divine Illuminations, Message One