Light or Darkness Ahead? Your Questions Answered!

July 18, 2011

Let’s face it, like it or not everyone seems to be pre-occupied with the
possibility of a coming crisis of some form. What matters most during this extraordinary
moment is your ability to discern the truth from the chatter: To ask the questions
that are stirring within and to allow yourself to get the answers. Sri and Kira
asked their listeners to submit the questions that were at the top of their minds.
They invited the hard questions, the ones that keep you up at night, the ones
that stir deep within and are not easy to address. What they received was humbling.
Everything from explaining the Mayan Calendar, the Middle East and Egypt, how
to jump through dimensions and more! This was an ominous task and yet as they
gathered these questions, themes emerged. Sri and Kira boldly and lovingly answer
the questions about these times and hold nothing back in their responses. The
content is timeless and the answers are priceless!