Life as a Trance Channel

June 1, 2014 Channeling Multidimensional Communication

In this episode, Sri and Kira continue their exploration of multidimensional communication with Robert Shapiro, who shared his experience as a trance channel.  This is also a special episode because Robert channeled “Grandfather” and shared his wisdom to all callers.

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Here are the notes from this call:

Trance channeling has been around for thousands of years

A good example is the Oracle of Delphi from Greece. Shamans are another example.

One of the reasons why channeling has gotten such a bad rap is the use of herbs, gasses and other substances to induce openness and expand the brain to receive multidimensional messages.  But there are people like Robert who do not need substances to channel.

Robert’s Life as A Trance Channel

While Robert believes that he was born with some capabilities to become a channel, he did not get into channeling until he was in his 30s. Though his boss was a good one, he felt stuck in a dead end job. He asked his sister for advice, who then gave him a book that she got from a stranger on a plane. This book is “How to Develop Your ESP Power,” by Jane Roberts. This started his journey into channeling.

Robert has been channeling for more than 35 years and has been featured in different magazines and books. He has also written 37 books and if you look at his body of work, you’ll notice that he has channeled different beings over time. Some channels only channel one being but with practice, a channel might be able to work with multiple beings. The key to this is TRUST.

It takes time for a channel and a being to work build a harmonious relationship and over time, channels begin to trust the multidimensional beings that they allow to use their body. As a channel, you can develop trust by finding something that you believe as absolutely true.

Tweet this: Trust is a learned process.

Robert also shares how he feels when a being he has channeled leaves his body. He describes the it as calming. Calming comes about because you trust the being that comes through to you.

He also likens deep trance channeling to waking up after deep sleep. When you’re waking up from a deep sleep, you are still somewhat in a dream state. You can remember bits and pieces of your dream while your in the transitional state but as you wake up to your regular personality, the dream fades. Sometimes you remember your dreams. But most of the time, you do not remember anything. That is how Robert feels after going though deep trance channeling. He does not remember what was happens when he is in trance.

Advice for Channels Feeling Disconnected and Isolated

It is important when you’re feeling out of touch to be in someplace where there is nature. If you are not able to get around, have somebody bring you a plant so you can be around a natural life form. If you can get around, go up to a tree and say “Good Life!”.  This is something that trees say. Experience the tree as amuch as possible.

When you are feeling disconnected, try and get connected to a permanent natural life form. It will bring you back into yourself and help you with your balance.

On Self Ascension

Stay on planet and stay in your body. Know that levels with take care of themselves.  It’s not something you have to do. It’s something that just happens. What you need to know is that when levels change, you will automatically adapt to it.

And remember to  be yourself. Be the most benevolent way you can. Be kind to people as you are. Do what you can enlighten people BUT only if they ask. People are used to being assailed by other people’s beliefs. If somebody asks why you are happy or why you feel good about certain things, say  a little about what you believe to be true. But don’t rush it all at once.

Remember the self ascension mantra: I am here. I am ready. I am open. Guide me.  Click to tweet this.

self ascensison mantra

To get ready for self ascension, try to do something physical every day. It could be walking, making love with your partner or playing with your dog. The important thing is to do something that makes you glad to be physical.

Message to all beings 

You will be assailed on a regular basis with news. Remember that the news is a business. Pay less attention to news that comes as drama or entertainment. Instead, pay attention to the local news. Pay attention to the local grocery store… the local bookstore.., your immediate surroundings.

Pay attention to the beings you are around all the time.  You will find out that they are very much like you.

Pay attention to the needs that people cannot bvoice,. When you feel they need help, give help. Say this “I am asking that all those beings that need help receive help from beings that can help now.”

Begin talking to at least one neighbour, a friend or someone at work that you haven’t spoken to in a while. It is a time for communication with people… and listening. Practice listening as it is such a great comfort to others.

We live in a benevolent universe. The embrace of the Divine comes in many forms. From the kiss of the wind upon your cheek to the mist and dew of nature to the quite – and sometimes not so quite – sounds of multidimensional angelic ones seeking to offer assistance. Things do not happen in our lives until we say “I’m ready.”  The I’m ready moment comes in different times. Sometimes  it comes during critical moment -a divorce, a bankruptcy, etc.

Other times we simply cultivate it step by step. Tell the world you are ready to connect. Articulate to the universe to make itself known to you.

If you want to connect with Robert or read more of his works, you can find him in the following links: