Life After Life: Near Death and Reincarnation

March 24, 2010

LIVE! A survivor of two near death experiences, Kira Raa will reveal even more of her first hand account with “the other side”. What if you really knew that you were a limitless being that would never die? What if your past lives were able to fully free you to live this life with freedom and joy? TONIGHT, harness this energy, break free of old beliefs and celebrate that you are alive, right now! Call in, ask questions, share our stories. You are FREE to have an amazing life and tonight Sri and Kira will share how simple this gift is to claim! This week’s quote: “When you allow the limitless expression of your own beingness to lead each day, indeed as a respondible co-creative powerful manifestation, then you can see the divine in action in all.” Archangel Zadkiel, Embracing an Ascended Life Series
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