Is There a Spiritual Side To Politics?

August 3, 2014 Shifting Paradigms Sri and Kira Live

In this call, Sri and Kira discuss whether we can we infuse illumination into the governing of our society with their guest Da Vid Raphael, MD director of the San Francisco Medical Research Foundation and director of The Global Peace Foundation. He is also an artist and has coined the term “Artainment.” He is also the founder of The Light Party which a wholistic, proactive, educational new political paradigm party dedicated to “Health Peace and Freedom For All”.


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Some important notes from this call:

All of the energies of the humanity, all the experiences of humanity, are tiles in the mosaic of humanity.

The Divine Feminine Principle is all about slowing down. It’s about living in the present and taking breath.

The global shift happening right now is all about becoming more conscious. Consciousness is all that there is.

The angelic ones do not come when not asked.

In this Aquarian age, it’s very important to drink more water. Realize that we are living liquid crystals.

Technological advancement and consciousness comes together.

The Light Party Platform

  1. Project Health – Take the time to slow down and spend time in nature. Be open and receptive to the light that is pouring in to the planet. Keep in mind that we are transitioning from a fear-based world into a love-based world. Stop being destructive and learn how to cooperate with other people. Love yourself. Vital importance of eco-stewardship. Clean water, clean health, and clean air.
  2. Economic Reform – Be very careful about what you are buying. Buy organic products. Do not buy into the economic model of scarcity.
  3. Project Peace – There will come a time when there will be peace in this planet. This will only happen through spiritual awakening and moving from a fear-based world into a love-based world. We need to anchor more life and love to make this happen and to work towards oneness.
  4. Project Light – This is all about using sustainable clean energy system and liberating humanity from fossil fuels, coal, and other energy sources that dark.

You can read more about The Light Party’s 7-Point Platform here.

Check Out Da Vid’s Artainment site contains more han 400 artworks in there, including mandalas, sacred geometry, and fractals. It’s founded on the idea that great artists have moved the world throughout the ages.

“Now is the time to lighten up. Enjoy the music. Simplify our lives. Accentuate the positive. Choose health. Choose peace. Chooe prosperity, and freedom for all. Choose to co- create the 7th golden age with the great masses of live. Choose to step into your greater destiny. Choose to step into the universe as galactic beings.”

now is the time to lighten up