Information Overload! What are you connected to?

June 6, 2012

2012 Higher Love takes on information overload! Sri and Kira want to know: Is this age of gossip & social media really good for society? What’s it doing to us?

Is the age of gossip & social media really good for society? Does our near future involve Human RFID chips and brain-computer implants? Are we at the dawning of a new age of “techno-humans?” What are we willing to do for the sake of technology and faster communication? Every second you are being bombarded with information that seeks to seal your attention and free will! What is this overload of “news,” gossip, and social media doing to you? Once again, Sri and Kira ask the tough questions; and provide the answers you’ve been searching for.

Are you ready for the answers? Set your smart phone down for a minute and tune into this intriguing, controversial show. Despite the reported decreased attention spans-we can guarantee that you’ll be thinking about this episode for hoursafter you’ve listened to it!