How to Harness the True Power of Energetic Support: Sacred Placement and Spiritual Practice

December 29, 2015 Spirituality

placement and support

As humanity moves close to the OPENING OF THE METRONIAN Star and the advent of an extraordinarily powerful year, this is the time to fully be AWAKE AND PREPARED!

How can we call in energetic support and harness the true power of this gift to sustain our journey?

With systems like Feng Shui and Vastu among others is there a way to create a sacred space within our environment that can support our spiritual and physical existence? Do we really need the rules or is there an ascended/cosmic way to create this energy? As we come close to the New year and the time when many evaluate their lives, now is the moment to pay attention to the creation of energy around us.

Sri & Kira share how to effectively and simply create energized mystical sacred space that sustains divine spiritual support! Tune in and remember how to maximize your life harmony and abundant flow!


Some important notes from this episode:

To lift into an ever more refined communion means that all that is unlike harmony and beauty does surface to be faced.

Our stuff comes up for us to acknowledge it and then make a choice. Are we going to move on with that stuff? Are we going to resolve that stuff? Or are we going to pretend that the stuff ain’t there?

The most important gift that you can offer to yourself right now is to be celebrating that you are here right now on this planet. Tweet this.

The very first gift of energetic support is your physical form.  Our physical form is the coagulation of energy that houses the spirit.

Mudra is a wonderful way to move energy through sacred postures using the hands instead of the whole body. It is also a way to create sacred space through our body.

The first blessing of sacred space is the sacred space that houses our soul which is our body. And how we treat our body; what we eat, how we take care of our body, the way we love our body or not is all part of the energetic support we call into our lives. From that, we are able to harness the power of creation through all that we are.

If you are in your own divine connection you will flow with the energy that brings you joy and support. Tweet this.

Take a look at the place you live and bringing forth energetic structures that will support your vibrational journey. The homes we live in are often times neglected or there will be areas of the home that are considered sacred or beautiful and other areas “ordinary”. It’s time to bring fresh energy to every aspect of your temple.

How to get fresh energy in your bedroom:

  • Remove stuff under the bed.
  • Are your sheets comfortable?
  • Pay attention to the color of your sheets. They need to be reflective of the energy we are embodying.
  • New pillows. Change every year.
  • Remove anything in your bedroom that makes you feel that you need to remove it.

Everything in your room should support your sense of contentment, beauty, harmony, and upliftment. EVERYTHING.

The more we give support in every aspect to our physical form, the more we have support and the more we have the co-created capacity to really put our life into a great position.

It is important to keep on walking, keep on trusting, keep on refining.



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