Higher Love IS Universal Wisdom!

May 16, 2007

Tune in and turn on your Higher Love, the joy ride has begun! Enjoy an hour that will bring you moving and powerful insights to these times now. Sri and Kira will be taking your LIVE calls, offering mini soul readings and sharing their many experiences with the Archangelic realm and the gift of universal oneness. Their special guest will be Brian D. McClure, founder and creator of the Universal Flag. This flag was created as a Symbol of our Interconnection and Oneness with All. Its purpose is to awaken consciousness…by helping us remember the Truth of who we are. The flag’s symbol embraces All and can therefore never represent any one particular group, race, religion, creed or anything that creates the illusion of separateness. Together Sri, Kira and Brian will embrace YOU as THE great gift to humanity and this show will assist us all to embrace ever greater Universal peace and Expanded Higher Love! Enjoy this spacious time of rejuvenation and soul-filled exploration of joy!