Heightened Dreamstates , Multi-Dimensional Experiences! What is happening?

July 31, 2016 Self Ascension Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

With the collapse of the 4th dimension and the thinning veils . . . have you been having other worldly experiences? Greater communication or multi-dimensional contact? Has your dream state become more heightened? Ascension Energies are affecting us all. Prepare for takeoff as Sri and Kira share more about these occurrences and what you need to know!

As we are about to enter into the month of August, it is time to reassure ourselves with the tools and perspectives that will sustain our evolution. We will explore the meanings behind these shifts in consciousness and what that means for you. A provocative show from fresh perspectives that will unlock your mind and free your soul!

TUNE in as you discover how to safely navigate your way into the coming months!