Has Mars Curiosity Distracted Us from Earth’s Reality?

August 22, 2012

August of 2012 has brought about yet another historic moment: The Mars Curiosity Rover. That’s right! Humanity’s fascination with Mars has been reignited and Sri and Kira are here to share the real reason why. Is the Space Race of the 1960s starting all over again? Why is humanity looking to the stars more than ever before? Are we about to repeat a cycle? There’s something there. And it’s more than just little green men. What will happen if we do find undeniable proof of life on other planets? What if proof has already been found? Is humanity ready to confront that possibility? Or will they try to cover up what they don’t understand? Join in as Sri and Kira take an in-depth look at not only the return of space exploration, but the return of the Dust Bowl, economic collapse, withering crops, and fear for the future. Get ready to move past the great distractions in your life and move toward great enlightenment. The solutions you seek are ready to be found. Are you ready to find them?