Flying is not just for fairies! The magic of an OPENED heart and mind!

January 10, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

This is the time! What if all the opportunities you’ve ever wanted were laid at your feet? Are you truly ready to claim your divine empowerment and live the best life ever? Sri and Kira will share their stories and many years of experience to support you as you make this very important, life-changing choice. Are you ready to fly? Join us this week and learn the ‘Art of Soaring’ and what that means.



Some notes from this episode:

How do we fly? How will we live a joyous life? There are many places where you can dive into that, one of them is being able to pay attention to where you are putting your energy. If we are in denial to our attachments to our headaches and only looking at our passions, we will be left to wonder why we never launch.

It is important to remember that you can be passionate about your problems. Tweet this.

Once you learn how to fly free, once you know how to soar, everything manifests. Tweet this.

Soaring is a good description of a person who is not weighted down by preoccupations of the world. You are able to “fly freely” because there is no weight pulling you down. And surely it will feel good.


If you have weight on your wings, they either break or you can’t fly. Tweet this.


Much like a butterfly, when it comes out of the cocoon, it must fight through the weight of the cocoon before it came birth its wings and fly. And when you attempt to help it, it dies.


The friction in your life could just be what is needed to polish your discernment. Tweet this.


As we are at a point of breaking through, there is going to be a moment where you can sense that a special moment is happening but you will have doubts with yourself. Right at the moment of breaking through, there is such an uncertainty. The ego experiences that as  a little bit of anxiety. And it is an important moment where you need to consciously take in a breath and reframe it and say “I’m excited”. Fear and anxiety are felt in the body the same way excitement is. The difference is in the context.


Also, remember that if it takes uncertainty to cultivate your inner trust, then you will be given that. If it takes challenges to cultivate your trust, then we are going to be given a series of challenges.


You will need divine courage. Divine courage is when you trust your soul’s calling enough to take the step. And you will listen to your heart and soul more than all those rational reasons that your ego will present to you as to why to don’t want to move forward.


The ego knows that if something authentic is before you, like your joy, it will lose priority. “It” being the ego. The ego knows that the moment you embrace the joy of expansion, you will lose interest in the ho-hum problems that the ego loves to recycle. And if your ego has a strong grip on you, you can lose what is already “perfect” that’s happening in your life.


If the ego is in control, it’s terrified of your authenticity because authenticity recognizes a divine trust in a universal flow.