Discovering your Soul Group for TRUE Harmony!

February 14, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

Have you often felt a strong connection to some or felt drawn to others that you could not explain? Is there a preference that the soul has? How do you identify your soul group? This week Sri and Kira will share their wisdom and insight into the 4 Soul groups and what this means for you! Discover your soul type and discern which soul groups complement each other. Everything in your life will just make more sense – so, relax into the truth! Our phone lines will be open for questions, comments and sharing and the gift of Kira’s mini soul readings!



Some notes from this episode:

All beings on this planet belong to one of the four original soul group types, after getting rid of all traditions, superstitions, and myths. Once you understand the origin of the energy of your soul, it would be like a key that can unlock a lot of discoveries for yourself.

“We’ve traveled so far, you’ve kind of forgotten who we are.” Tweet this.

As we are in the time of ascension, the soul groups are finding themselves again in the purity of who they really are.

Refraction – breaking apart into individuated rays, concepts, and forms.

The journey has been so far spread, the journey of individuation. And as we come back into our authenticity, things actually get simpler. Tweet this.

We as beings of infinite light have been expanding. As we expand, we grow, experience, love, hate, have fun, etc. Everything serves. Whether it feels good to the ego or body, it’s all part of the divine imperative of the expansion of the ever continuing experience. When we can weave the tapestry of those divine experiences into the recognition that as we have taken all of that in with gratitude for the journey, we become whole. And in this wholeness, we’re actually able to feel the beauty of the simplicity of the authenticity because of the journey’s blessing.

Union Soul – Not a twin flame. It is one whole, complete soul that in wanting to know itself and form, splits into masculine and feminine energy, not necessarily in man or woman form, and incarnates to find itself. They also tend to have the biggest heart breaks of their lives.

The Dual Soul – Two whole souls that are birthed together which has a mirror quality. Similar to a union soul, the twin knows there is another out there just like him/her, but they are experiencing a different reality binding that than the union soul. They have this sense of completion that is tied to their other half (twin). They also have a greater tendency to be out of balance.

The Omni – A being that is complete into itself. A soul that has no need to differentiate and find itself or part of it again. It doesn’t also mean they are meant to be alone. They are like wine, good when young, better when they age.

The Multi-expressionals – Complete opposite of the Omni. They are experimenters, very creative. “Cosmic party animals.” Most likely who wants to experience many kinds of things.