COSMIC AWAKENING! Ready to know who you really are?

May 15, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

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Ever experience that voice from deep within you that is seemingly not of this world? That loving and clear voice that is present in life, the voice that invites you to look and listen more deeply, to feel things in a different way. The a that seems to call you home again and again to that sacred place deep in your heart.

With all that is rapidly shifting and polarizing on Earth at this time, your ‘AWAKENING’ is THE GIFT that offers you the undeniable to remember your uniqueness. To ignite and harness all the parts of DIVINE LIGHT that you have held within your being. Once you take the step and embrace this gift the next step is: “What do I do next?”

Tune in and Relax as you enjoy the divine connection with Sri & Kira as they share their awakening journey, (and some things that you may not heave heard before), on what it means to RE-remember and LIVE as the awakening Cosmic self! The phone lines will be open for your questions and comments or you can ask for the gift of a Mini Soul Reading by Kira Raa. Call-in early as the lines fill up fast!

Call-in early as the lines fill up fast!

Some notes from this episode:

Give yourself some slack. Tweet this.

Getting tired does not mean you’re bored. It just means you’re assimilating and processing the energy. If you find yourself losing focus, it is a great sign that you are able to notice it because it means you are assimilating. And it is very important that you go back and revisit the material. As we revisit, we go deeper. And as we go deeper, we send a signal to our cellular structure that yes, I accept these frequencies where it is kind of telling yourself to move and stop procrastinating.

Cosmic awakening is about the acceptance of energy beyond the ego filter. Tweet this.

The universe is calling, the question is are you really ready to know the truth? And it begins with the truth within. Tweet this.

Asleep – Asleep to their divinity, their cosmic connection. They are living in the delusion that this body and this earth experience is all of it. They are awake to their density experience.

Your consciousness will fill up with that which you put in front of it. So if you’re putting in front of you all of the fear based reality of density, or egocentric world view, you’re going to fill with that and that will be what you will be identifying with. And this is part of asleep consciousness. As one begins to open up to the greater energy fields, then one goes through periods where one is in that static energy of open consciousness where we feel the deep peace and joy.

Pain sometimes becomes the catalyst that prevents true cosmic awakening. In order to lift into cosmic awakening, there is a freedom of spaciousness that is an abundant flow that ignites your diving nature. You must do more than romanticize or chat about it, you have to pro-actively do something about it.

Your personality, your stability, preferences, all of these are habits. These are learned behaviors which can be pleasant and lovely. Although, it interferes with awakened consciousness.

We dismiss experiences that are unlike the familiar. Tweet this.

Our first venture out isn’t our final perfection but it sure is better than where you were. Tweet this.

Begin, step out, follow your passion. Tweet this.

It is our presence that brings us awakening and anchors it, not our words. And our presence comes from our true heart.

Follow the energies that are emerging within you because you will surely find your way. Tweet this.