Commanding or Demanding your Light? The difference is miraculous!

May 8, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live

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The day to day reality of navigating density can distract us! Even the most “awake” can become blindsided by daily struggles. AND…the Power of your Light is ever present! The Metronian Star is OPEN and spinning! The energy of LIGHT IS has blossomed and asks: Are you ready to open your heart and claim your Ascended Mastery?

You have the birthright to remember how to CALL Forth and command the LIGHT! Dive into this energetic flow with Joy. Feel it’s glorious and radiant splendor! The gift of returning to the Divine Love and deep remembrance of the power transformation brings; the ability to BE the Light in every situation.

Join Sri & Kira in this call as they playfully and wisely remind us to:

Command the light, See the light, Trust the light – know that you ARE the light!

As the Earthly polarity accelerates around you, visioning this shift as a gift allows us to break free into the awareness of what is important and what is not! As always, the phone lines are open for your questions and comments or the gift of a Mini Soul Reading by Kira Raa. Call-in early as the lines fill up fast!


Some notes from this episode:

Only the weight of your emotional body, the weight of your attachment to density can keep you from lifting. Tweet this.

Are you commanding your light? Or are you demanding it?

There is a difference of orientation between wishing and being empowered. In wishing is generally a fantasy that is foundationalized in action. Unlike with being empowered, a person is able to make steps to actually achieving the goal or make it happen.

We humans are powerful co-creators, and as powerful co-creators, we have the opportunity to bring forward everything in our lives. However, we are also the ones who are standing in our way. Instead of taking an empowered co-creative role, we often set ourselves up for failure and then set ourselves to blame why the failure happened. This is precisely the reason why we need to learn to command the light than staying in the habit of wishing.

All of us are in an ascension process which means emotional maturity. It starts off with a selfish point of view as a child. And as we begin to grow, we become more mature and become more inclusive of others.

From a spiritual maturity stand point, for someone who wants to live in an empowered life, there is a point where in your empowerment will bring you to commanding the light. To command light mean you are coming to the petition from a place of confidence and trust, from a place of equality and not inequality. To think that you are “less than” and you must make a petition to be seen or heard, or to have your needs met, the underlying energy is one of lack. Whatever we do, if it is under the foundation or the energy of lack, then that energy is carried in the petition where we will be receiving back more lack.

The energy that your words carry has a huge influence on the outcome.  Tweet this.

If the universe feels you are strong enough… then you are ready to move forward. Tweet this.

The face of projection means all of the unfinished business of others being pointed out toward you.

When we know how to command the light, our lives become a miracle. Tweet this.



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