Celebrating Su’Laria with Faith Rivera

July 25, 2007

Ready to experience the gift of Su’laria? Well, hold on for a joy ride and if you are not sure what Su’laria is, then prepare to be expanded! If Tony Robbins were a girl, could sing like Mariah, groove like Madonna, and inspire like Oprah, you’d get…FAITH RIVERA. Enjoy the sounds and energy of this Emmy-award winner who also brought the sacred TOSA chant ‘Tu’Laya, Su’laria, O’laha’ to life! We will hear a preview of her newest album, and share time celebrating the many ways to celebrate this world and our galactic heritage…all in one show! Call in for a reading, or to say hello and sit back, relax and enjoy!”Be the bringer of good, play the part you know you came to do.” Tu’laya, by Faith Rivera