Bridging Heaven & Earth!

February 27, 2008

Tonight, Sri & Kira welcome Allan Silberhartz, the creator/host of the non-profit, educational Foundation and International Spiritual Talk Show, “Bridging Heaven and Earth”. Dedicated to the Oneness, Bridging has produced 223 shows that are shown all over the United States on cable stations. Since the recent extraordinary collaboration between Bridging and Google Video/YouTube that allows the Bridging Shows to be available world-wide, 24/7, on the Internet, the Show has drawn exceptional attention throughout the world. People from all over the globe contact Bridging to tell about their tremendous experiences of “awakening” after watching the show. Tonight learn more about the power of manifestation, focus, the Bridging Art Project and how YOU are the BRIDGE! “Wake up to the knowing that YOU Are the miracle…then all bridges are built, all dreams attained.”…St. Germaine through Kira Raa