Attracting WHAT YOU WANT…or what you don’t want?

June 12, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live


Emotional energy colors your aura. Did you know that some forms of energy actually make your aura more charismatic while other forms of energy invite defeat? There are mystical and simple principles of spiritual living that affect your emotional energy.

Join Sri and Kira during these strongly transitional times as they discuss how you can maintain the energy of attraction and positivity during times of stress and chaos. This is a truly valuable show with important information you can apply immediately!

Some notes from this episode:

The infusion of divine harmony is happening right now for all of us.

Spiritual essential is tied to what you are attracting

One of the principles of attraction is your consistency. Whatever you have in your life right now is the result of what you have consistently focusing on. And this can be a beautiful recognition or a challenging one. So it is important to realize the things that you attract in your life or what you are attracted to.

How does the planetary thought body affects the energy your auric field and the energy of your creation capability?

We are energy beings, spiritual beings having our physical experience. Energy affects our thoughts, healthy, and our capacity to create.

The planetary thought body is filled with unresolved energies from pain based, emotional expressions. Over time, the planetary thought body can be healed. However, the negative energies around the world can slow down the healing. If you happen to be in a moment of fear or pain, these negative energies will magnify the negative experiences you are having.

We are all assortments of light that have come together to have a form. Tweet this.

We are constantly emitting energy. When we meet anything like trees, animals, other human beings, it is essentially energy meets energy. Before you even touch something, your energy field and that objects energy field have already blended. This is why you feel something already before you actually meet someone in person. And all of these energies are constantly creating and flowing. A simple example of this would be taking pictures with the aura camera, where the polaroids show your aura. The aura on that picture would change depending on your emotions. This emotional energy was generated from a 3rd dimensional perspective.

The planetary thought body haunts the earth. This will not bother you one bit as long as you are in a state of trust and love and walking your path with some degree of confidence.

You don’t have to be perfect, but your degree of love of life needs to be greater than your fear and doubt. Tweet this.

When things happen in our lives that kind of shatter us, the negative forces around can have a place to anchor in at your auric field. And if you don’t clear that, it hangs out with you and amplifies the other lower frequency emotions, thus attracting more of those types to your life. If you seem to have a lot of bad luck then you have set up a series of bad luck energies that attract more of the same.