Ascension & Ancient Science! Revealing the Hidden truths!

January 4, 2015 Sri and Kira Live

Ascension & Ancient ScienceAs the first month of 2015 rapidly comes to a close we examine the events, energies and clarity that has come forward while preparing ourselves for the month of HEART that is ahead.

Are you feeling stable in the current environment or are you feeling a need for greater balance? Is your heart already calling to you and what does this really mean? Far beyond the concept of love, the harnessing of your spiritual stability is a call to spiritual maturity!

Sri and Kira dedicate this powerful culminating show of January to explore the entire month, share what is ahead, and invite you to discover your spiritual maturity and why it matters to claim it today!

The lines are open! Call in to join the conversation, share your opinion or for a mini soul reading.