Ascending or Descending? The Symptoms of Ascension and What You Need to Know!

December 27, 2015 Spirituality

Symptoms of Ascension

Within this PROFOUND Retrograde plus the RISING EXPANSION of energies on the planet, many are wondering “AM I Crazy or Just Ascending?” Sri and Kira take you through the illusion and lift into you clarity! Learn how to CLAIM your knowing and fuel your Passionate Action to sustain your journey with abundant flow. Noticing shifts in your body, mind and emotions? Claim powerful reassurance and “enlightenment” as you walk through this process of rapid integration. Surrender and cultivate greater trust as you align with your Authentic Self and ride with the spaciousness of your divine flow as you TRANSFORM and lift through the AAE’s (Ascension Acceleration Experiences). 2016 has all the energy to generate your most abundant life ever! Tune in and listen…this is a fascinating show!

Some notes on this episode:

Crazy is defined by the masses. Tweet this.

 Normal is what brings you peace. Normal is what brings you joy. And everything else is crazy. In order to ascend, you do have to lose your mind.

It’s about density sanity or ascended sanity. How do we really know the difference? The illusion is so strong especially in the peak Kali Yuga time.

When we are lifting, we are resolving that which keeps us down. On one hand, we are lifting into more refined energy and refined reality, yet, in order to simultaneously do that, we need to complete whatever healing work needs to happen.

We are in a time where you can choose to resurrect where everything can be positive or it can be the exact opposite. Again, the choice is yours, of course. In everything that will happen in your life, there will always be that feeling of excitement. Although sometimes, we mistake it as fear because tp the body, that feeling in your belly is fear even though it can very well be the feeling anticipation of something new.

The transition that’s underway is an ascension event. A time of upliftment. Upliftment also means a separation from what was, going to a grander embrace. Everything has two faces to it so what feels like loss is actually a rejoining at a new level. What is needed is the time is trust that your life is guided and all is well. And as you anchor on that trust, a new level of stability comes in.

Everything of the highest will always offer you a sense of freedom and joy. Tweet This.

Spiritual discernment – The capacity to be able to rely on the unproven. To rely on what might seem to be the untested.

You want to recognize that the physical body is of the third dimension. So the physical body has a lot of attachment to your density experience because it was its born of.

Every experience has gifts. Tweet This.

As we lift, as the form is seeking to become more formless, we have the opportunity to ascend consciously. Conscious ascension means that there is going to be times when you have to deal with real life experiences (physical, emotional, mental)


Symptoms of Ascension and Spiritual Awakening (YouTube)