Ascend! Passion in action!

March 13, 2016 Self Ascension Sri and Kira Live


As the “BEING” of March rapidly culminates and the intensity of the rising April ACTION starts calling…exactly what is going on and how does this affect you? With the heightened sense of Polarity, beating war drums and daily chaos, is it possible to discover your peace-filled center at this time?

The reality is that you are being invited to CLAIM without doubt your Divine Mastery! You are being given the ability to fully Command the light as you MANFIEST your highest dreams and goals. So if that is what is really going on, why are things perhaps not yet as “good” as you want? April is the moment to fully Open your heart and mind! Pay attention to everything you are doing and be sure to spend a glorious fun-filled hour tuning into the wisdom and guidance shared by Sri and Kira. For sure…you WILL elevate your consciousness as they invite you to explore and expand your awareness and discover your Self-Ascension!

Join us as we dive deep into the truth of what it takes to live in Ascended Presence and the steps you can take now to catapult your dreams into reality. The phone lines are open for your sharing, comments and questions and the gift of a Mini-Soul reading from Kira Raa.



Some notes from this episode:

Passion means knowing who you are and what you want. Tweet this.

Your mastery is the very thing that is troubling your ego. The fact that you really are a servant of the light, that you really do make a difference, all of that are a reflection of your mastery. The doubt, the fear, the chaos, the wobble, are all reflections of your personality or the ego. The two are actually trying to find balance.

April is considered as the month of action. What you have been focused in March is going back at you this month and magnified depending on how you have invested your energy. You need to understand that the heart is the gateway to your ascended knowingness. You need to reconnect with your heart. It is through the gateway of the heart that we discover the soul’s wisdom.

We all have work to do at the emotional level: of relaxing our judgments, relaxing our fears, trusting our soul’s guidance and learning how to move into love versus living at the superficial level. This is kind of basic training. You might not enjoy your density interaction, but they can make you feel alive like how fear can get you going.

Each and every one of us is a traveler. We, as a soul, emerged from the cradle of oneness and go out and experience differentiation, experience the dimensions, experience the form, so that we might gather on to ourselves ever greater consciousness of the “all-ness”, of the potential of what the universe is and can be. The infinite expression is one thing; to be conscious of the infinite expression is a bonus. The divine in you feeds the universal diving through your experience of all the “all-ness”.

In the ascension, we have to let go of our attachments to all of these refractions, to all these differentiations, to all these many lifetimes. The part of you that has had all these experiences has a tight grip on what has happened and now you are being asked to loosen the grip a little bit. To relax, to surrender into union. And the surrender into union is a little unnatural to the habit that we had been doing.

In April, people have a choice to make. Am I ascending or am I holding on to density?

Fear is an illusion. Tweet this.

Use the fear to awaken your consciousness, to awaken your love and keep walking. Tweet this.

Fear and doubt only exist in density. Tweet this.

It’s when we literally lose our mind that we embrace our soul. Tweet this.

Don’t give up on you. Don’t give up on the truth of you but pay attention to the other factors. Tweet this.

Often times when we stay in our passion, the rest unfolds. In this lifetime, if you are indeed on the escalator to ascension, this is a lifetime of completion. It means that we heal which is unhealed. We resolve that which is unresolved. This is a reflection of “now is the time.”


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