Are you being affected by Planetary Interference?

May 29, 2016 Spirituality Sri and Kira Live Technology

Are you being affected by Planetary Interference

Beyond EMF and electronic interference, there is a zone of energy that encircles planet earth. It is a zone of free-floating ungrounded energy that is attached to the earth. We describe this as the Planetary Thought Body. The thought body is a repository for fears, pain, pride and anger and all the limiting beliefs that go along with these energies. This depository of energy can interfere with your inner peace as it can latch onto and magnify your own emotional experiences.

Join Sri & Kira as they help you discern the vast amount of mis-information about astral energy, electronic interference, and the Planetary Thought Body. You will discover how easily you can live a life free from energetic interference.

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Some notes from this episode:

How to be stable in a topsy-turvy world:

Mantra of Self-Ascension – a way of making ourselves a true foundational place of true being.

Our brains over complicate the simplicity of our beingness. Tweet this.

When we dive into our mystical presence with sincerity, with love, and with the presence of divine focus, miracles manifest. Tweet this.

The mantra of self-ascension is four simple lines:

I am here

I am ready

I am open

Guide me